New friends and fellow worshipers wanted! 


If you like a small community of worshipers where everybody knows your name, we welcome you to the Episcopal Church of St. Mary Magdalene on Montgomery Rd. just north of Columbia Rd. in Landen. We share facilities with Deerfield United Methodist Church and Sunday service is at 9:30. This is a family of believers that can be traced back to Jesus Christ and his disciples- but is as modern as tomorrow. Come and believe with us.

On Sunday morning we have a great time figuring out what the Bible teaches us and our need to know.

Serving Maineville, Deerfield Township, Landen, Loveland,

Foster, South Lebanon,  Rivers Bend, Hamilton Township and environs.


It's no secret that the clear majority of those in Episcopal Church pews on Sunday mornings were not born Episcopalians.  Most of us came from other Christian denominations or from no church background at all.  So, what's the draw?


Since many converts come as adults, chances are logic and reason play a role in a person’s decision to become an Episcopalian.  The Episcopal Church has consistently been labeled as a “middle road” between Roman Catholicism and Protestantism.  We bring the reverence and rootedness of ancient tradition alongside a clear devotion to the Bible and priesthood of all believers.  In years past, in fact, some people suggested that were America to unite under one central religion, it just might be the Episcopal Church.  It is worth noting that the National Cathedral in Washington, DC, host to some of the nation’s most important religious events, is an Episcopal church.



Are you looking for a community that will nurture your spirit and celebrate your gifts? Are you looking for a community that will nurture your children? Are you concerned about what our materialistic society is doing to your children? Then there's a place for you at St. Mary Magdalene Episcopal Church.

We face the same problems as our neighbors, but our relationship with God gives life more meaning. We're rooted in faith and experience God's grace. And that makes it easier, day in and day out. We invite you to come and worship with us. We welcome you into this Holy Space where the love of God is shared, the mystery of grace is revealed, the joy and laughter of life is expressed.

The Episcopal Church is part of the worldwide Anglican Communion and expresses faith in God through a rich history of scripture, prayer and song. Please join us each week and experience praise, celebration and music at St. Mary Magdalene, the Episcopal Church serving the greater community of Maineville, Ohio.



Weekly Inspiration:

 WE STAND on the cusp of a new year with the renewed assurance of God’s presence, which we celebrated in the season of Advent. We do not face a new year or a new day alone; through the miracle of the incarnation, we affirm that God is with us, even now.

Through the Holy Spirit, God fills our hearts and lives each day; and as followers of God, we also manifest God’s presence on the earth.

God leads us to act with love and compassion toward others, making God’s loving touch known to all around us during this and every year as we enact the reign of God on earth today

.– From “Epiphany’s Light,” reading for January 1, 2010 by Anna Lee in The Upper Room Disciplines 2010: A Book of Daily Devotions