New friends and fellow worshipers wanted! 


If you like a small community of worshipers where everybody knows your name, we welcome you to the Episcopal Church of St. Mary Magdalene on Montgomery Rd. just north of Columbia Rd. in Landen. We share facilities with Deerfield United Methodist Church and Sunday service is at 9:30. This is a family of believers that can be traced back to Jesus Christ and his disciples- but is as modern as tomorrow. Come and believe with us.

On Sunday morning we have a great time figuring out what the Bible teaches us and our need to know.

Serving Maineville, Deerfield Township, Landen, Loveland,

Foster, South Lebanon,  Rivers Bend, Hamilton Township and environs.


It's no secret that the clear majority of those in Episcopal Church pews on Sunday mornings were not born Episcopalians.  Most of us came from other Christian denominations or from no church background at all.  So, what's the draw?


Since many converts come as adults, chances are logic and reason play a role in a person’s decision to become an Episcopalian.  The Episcopal Church has consistently been labeled as a “middle road” between Roman Catholicism and Protestantism.  We bring the reverence and rootedness of ancient tradition alongside a clear devotion to the Bible and priesthood of all believers.  In years past, in fact, some people suggested that were America to unite under one central religion, it just might be the Episcopal Church.  It is worth noting that the National Cathedral in Washington, DC, host to some of the nation’s most important religious events, is an Episcopal church.


We need the gift of imagination if we are to see and hear God in the world about us. Poetry, art, and music can take us to places that literal and scientific truth cannot. This is not to deny the importance of research and scholarship, but it invites us to reclaim the wisdom of our own creativity. I do not literally believe that God is “up there,” racing across the sky in a convertible. But when I gaze reverently at the changes in the clouds moved by wind, I do lift my soul to the Creator. And sometimes, like Charlie Brown, I see some fastastical creatures in the clouds, and I giggle with delight because it seems that God has fun with creation. Why else would we see long-necked giraffes, elephants using their long noses to suck up water, camels with lumps on their backs, and so many other curious creatures? …O LORD, how manifold are your works!
In wisdom you have made them all, the earth is full of your creatures.
–Psalm 104:24


GRACIOUS LORD, mighty fortress in whom I can always trust: deliver me from whatever shakes my world, fills me with anxiety, and separates me from the knowledge of your love, that I might find repose in your arms of protection. Amen.

– Paul Wesley Chilcote
A Life-Shaping Prayer: 52 Meditations in the Wesleyan Spirit 



Since the Incarnation, that is the birth, life death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, all things are sacred.  We commonly say there is a difference between the secular and the sacred, all things, all ;people are sacred.  We often Reat sacred things in "un sacred" ways.

Still these things are sacred: cherry pie, daffodils coming up through the snow,, dinner parties, old shoes...well, you know what else goes in this list.

My iPad on which I am composing this is sacred.    So are you!

Thomas Van Brunt