July 15th, 2018

prayer list – Father Tom/Nancye/Trevor Van Brunt, DUMC Congregation,
David Denton, Barb Voshefski, Lanie Voshefski, Drewry Voshefski, John
Link & Family, Jax Cates and Family, Michael Hunting Sr., Mike Porada,
Barbara Packard, Temple Family.


Mission Council Meeting – TOMORROW, July 16 at 7 PM. Interested church
members are encouraged to attend.

Pray with Scripture: Lectio Divina – July 20 - 21 at the
Transfiguration Spirituality Center in Glendale. Ascension & Holy
Trinity, Wyoming, will host an overnight retreat featuring Lectio
Divina. Cost: $125 overnight and $50 for day commuters. Registration
Deadline: July 9.

Feast of Mary Magdalene – Sunday, July 22. PLEASE NOTE CHANGE IN TIME
– 10:30AM. This will be a joint celebration with DUMC Congregation.

Interfaith Hospitality Network – Next date is August 22. Contact
Michael Voshefski for additional volunteer information.

Upcoming Congregational Activities: -- St. MM is planning some social
events for the year and hopes you can attend most or all the upcoming
outings. Please plan now for the following events:

September 15 -- Cookout at the Leary's home.

December- Christmas Party at the Voshefski home. Date TBD

Volunteers are needed from SMM to support our responsibility to the
Combined DUMC/SMM Fellowship between our services. Sign-Up sheet is
on the bulletin board in the entry way.


Jesus' Family

I HAVE A HUNCH that if Jesus were to walk down the streets of your town or city today, he would look around at all those who are isolated and disconnected and say something like this:

“Come to me, all you who want to belong, and I will give you a table to sit around. Come to me, all you who feel disconnected. Come to me, all you who are lonely, cut off, rejected, and marginalized. Come to me. Come home. Come be part of the family that I want to share with you.”

– Trevor Hudson and Stephen D. Bryant
The Way of Transforming Discipleship 


TO LISTEN TO SOMEONE with the heart is to listen with empathy and with care to them and their stories. The heart of good listening is authenticity, genuine curiosity, and caring. No matter how good our technique is, the other person will know if we do not really care about what they are saying. Listening is not about judging, diagnosing, appraising, or evaluating. … Listening with the heart is also about hearing the feelings and emotions that lie beneath the words.

– Thomas Porter Jr.
The Spirit and Art of Conflict Transformation 



Feast Day!

Mary Magdalene was the first witness to Jesus' rising from the dead. Before and after his death she was one of his most devoted and active disciples.  The church celebrates her life and ministry on Sunday,July 24.    Note to all girls named Madeline--this is your name day too.  You have the french version of Mary Magdalene's name.