August 12th, 2018

prayer list – Father Tom/Nancye/Trevor Van Brunt, DUMC Congregation,
David Denton, Barb Voshefski, Lanie Voshefski, Drewry Voshefski, John
Link & Family, Jax Cates (recovering) and Family, Michael Hunting Sr.,
Mike Porada, Barbara Packard, Temple Family, Presiding Bishop Michael
Curry (Surgery for Prostate Cancer on 7/31).


Interfaith Hospitality Network – Next date is August 22. Contact
Michael Voshefski for additional volunteer information.

Upcoming Congregational Activities: -- St. MM is planning some social
events for the year and hopes you can attend most or all the upcoming
outings. Please plan now for the following events:

September 15 -- Cookout at the Leary's home.

December- Christmas Party at the Voshefski home. Date TBD

The Way of the Cross with Fleming Rutledge: -- Saturday, September 22,
12 to 2:30 p.m. Join Friendship UMC in Wyoming as acclaimed preacher
and author Fleming Rutledge speaks on the way of the cross for
Christians living in uncertain and tumultuous times. Register at

Cincinnati Area Pre-Convention Meeting: -- Tuesday, October 16, at 7
p.m. Christ Church, Glendale

Suggested Summer Reading – ‘Five-Carat Soul’ by James McBride. The
book ends with "Mr. P and the Wind," which takes place in a zoo where
the animals (or "Higher Orders," as they call themselves) communicate
with one another telepathically. They hold human beings ("Smelly
Ones") in contempt for talking.

Volunteers are needed from SMM to support our responsibility to the
Combined DUMC/SMM Fellowship between our services. Sign-Up sheet is
on the bulletin board in the entry way.



This one is easy if you are patient. 
1) Leave your cellphone inside
2) Go outside
3) Open Hands
4) Fill with sunlight
5) Listen as you wait for nothing in particular

Now you might plead overcast skies as an excuse not to try this... or cold... or rain... or snow ... We understand, please take care of yourself whatever you do .... Just know that the truly amazing thing about this practice is that it works even without sunlight and even if you are indoors (though it has a special resonance outside).Your job is only to open your hands - no grasping objects or fears or worries or whatever... if you open your hands and wait without specific expectation .... your heart and mind and spirit open like a window to a spring day ... and the blessings will come of their own accord.... seemingly serendipitous... beautiful...surprising and delightful.... Very grateful to C. S. Lewis for his lovely quote from the book "Letters to Malcolm: Chiefly on Prayer" (Mariner 2002).